Larisa Golubeva


Adress: Gastello 28-14, 196135 Saint-Petersburg Russia


Was born in 1951 in Saint-Petersburg

Graduated from The Institute of painting, a sculpture and a architecture of the Academy of arts in 1989 (diploma with honours).

Painter. Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg

The member of the International Academy «Greci-Marino» /Italy/

The member of the “Accademia Severiade”, Milan /Italy/

The member of the ”Neuer Sachsischer Kunstverein”, Dresden, Germany


Premio Alba 2005 /Ferrara/

Premio Alba 2006 /Ferrara/

Premio Anthony Van Dyck 2007 (Associazione Culturale “Italia in Arte”, Brindisi)

Premio Internationale Michelangelo Buonarotti 2008, “Italia in Arte”

Premio David di Michelangelo 2010, “Italia in Arte”



Graphik Baltic Biennial, St. Petersburg


Kinder Küche Kirche”, Kul’tprosvet Gallery, Moscow


“Global Projects: Artists at Home and Abroad”, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA

«Symphony of colors», La Galleria Pall Mall, London, England

The art of St. Petersburg”, Hellerau — European Centre of Art — Dresden, Germany

ART FAIR of Pordenone, Italy

ARTEXPO of Arezzo, Italy


Automne Salon 2010”, Red Gate Gallery, London, England

Notre Pétersbourg”, Bordeaux, France

2009 “Menschen in der Stadt”, Berlin, Germany


Feminnale 2008”, Kunsthalle, Zurich

2+2”, Deutsch-Russisches Kulturinstitut, Dresden


INAUGURACIÓN, Galeriazero, Barcelone

4 painters”, Galeriazero, Barcelone

Trophee Meduse D’or”, Accademia Internazionale d’arte moderna, Roma

«Agnolo Bronzino 2007″, Accademia Internazionale «II Marzoeco». Firenze(Italia)

«Mother and child «, Brodsky Museum, St-Petersburg


«3+2″, Tallinn, Estonia

Exhibition devoted to Rembrandt, Union of the artists, St.-Petersburg


L’Aigle de Nice”, Nice (France)

«In a zone of back current», the Union of artists, St-Petersburg

2004 Exhibition of contemporary art, Tallinn (Estonia)

2003 Centenaire du Salon d’ Automne, Paris (France)


Saint-Petersburg (2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011)

Museum collections:

The museum of nonconformism, St.-Petersburg

The State museum of modern art “Tzarskoe selo” , St.-Petersburg

The State museum of fine arts, Murmansk

The Museum of creative association » Mit’ki «, St.-Petersburg

The State museum of fine arts, Astrakhan’

The State museum of modern art of St.-Petersburg University

main publications:

2003 — Centenaire Salon D’Automne, Paris, France

2005 — Dizionario enciclopedico internazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea 2004/2005. Ferrara, Italy

2006 — Dizionario enciclopedico internazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea 2005/2006. Ferrara, Italy

2010 – ARTELIBRE, Madrid, Spain